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A small, golden lantern (24K gold plated) is displayed suspended from the end of a brass chain. The lantern is handed to a spectator to hold while the performer examines the spectators ring. The performer now wraps the upper portion of the lamp with a votive prayer slip. He also wraps the spectators ring in a similar prayer slip, which is ignited, causing the ring to vanish. The lantern is retrieved, the performer holding it by the end of the brass chains. At no time do his hands approach the cage. The spectator lights a match and lights the paper. As it ignites in a flash, the spectators ring visibly appears inside the lantern! The performer then unscrews the lantern and returns the ring. Creation! is the absolute perfect effect for closeup, restaurant, table workers, walkaround, psychics, seers and storytellers. No angles, no reset, no pulls or complicated sleights. The lamp measures a little over 4 long x 2 wide complete with chain amp detailed instructions. Plated in 24K Gold. An exquisite piece of mechanical craftsmanship in the C. W. tradition. Made entirely of handwrought polished brass. Highly recommended!



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Creation by Collectors Workshop

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Creation by Collectors Workshop