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Concealed Art of Magic by George P. Sanderson

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Used book in great condition - for more details email

The latest from Goodliffe is THE CONCEALED ART OF MAGIC by relatively unknown George P. Sand­erson, who turns out to be an old timer well versed in his boyhood hobby and early profession with some original ideas. Book is cloth bound with wrapper, 7V2 x 10 in., has 174 pp. of text and is full illustrated with photos, diagrams, and varied illustrations. Selling for $10.00 it is another Goodliffe quality publication. The 23 chapters bring you good advice, clever mental magic, excellent apparatus effects, and the best yet written on deck switches. Peter Biro told me it is too good for the common people. Jeff Busby said, it is not only excellent but worth twice the price. What can I add?

Contents (from book): 
v Foreword (William G. Stickland)
vi Introduction (John Braun)
vii Acknowledgements (G.P. Sanderson)
1 Chapter One – Ars est Celare Artem: True Art is to Conceal Art
9 Chapter Two – Penetration of Old China:
15 Chapter Three – Binary Selection
23 Chapter Four – Sigma Display Switch: visual bill switch
29 Chapter Five – Incredible Transposition: of two bank notes (dollar bills)
33 Chapter Six – Miraco Plus:
39 Chapter Seven – That Top-of-Pocket Dodge:
41 Chapter Eight – Sigma Umbrella and Silks:
49 Chapter Nine – Those Double Envelopes: naturalness in magic and the use of envelopes
53 Chapter Ten – With the Aid of Osaka:
57 Chapter Eleven – Sigma £1 Note and Security: burnt and restored bank note
69 Chapter Twelve – The Grand National:
75 Chapter Thirteen – Changing Card at the Fingertips:
79 Chapter Fourteen – Sigma Atomic Disintegrator:
99 Chapter Fifteen – Sigma 20th Century Silks:
107 Chapter Sixteen – Sigma Progressive Monte: a Monte style effect with 6 cards
121 Chapter Seventeen – Impromptu Four Coins Through Table: using just four coins
127 Chapter Eighteen – Sigma Forcing Stand:
133 Chapter Nineteen – Sigma Pre-Arranged Cards:
137 Chapter Twenty – Sigma 4 by 9 Deck:
141 Chapter Twenty One – Switching the Cards
143 (i) Stand Switch
144 (ii) Breast Pocket Switch
146 (iii) Packet of Envelopes Switch
149 (iv) Back Switch
152 (v) Tray Switch
154 (vi) Table Switch
158 (vii) Side Switch
161 (viii) Spin Around Switch
163 Chapter Twenty Two – Holiday for the Dead: 
167 Chapter Twenty Three – The One Ahead in Disguise: 

  • Publisher: Goodliffe
  • Pages: 174
  • Location: Warwickshire, England
  • Dimensions: 8″x10″
  • Date: 1972
  • Binding: hardbound

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