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Cola Monte by Ton Onosaka

Cola Monte
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A terrific standup routine with a surprise double climax! The magician displays two large plaques. On the back, both show identical glasses of cola, on the face, one shows a can of coke, the other a Pepsi. A magical taste test is proposed. The plaques are turned back out so the cans face away from the audience. The cards are slowly mixed. The spectators are asked to be able to keep track of which is which, but every time they try to guess, they are wrong. This can be repeated as often as you like, they will never get it right! Finally, the magician places the Pepsi Plaque cards aside. Surely the audience can guess what beverage remains. Of course, it must be Coke. However, when the plaque is turned around, it bears a big bottle of orange juice when the plaque is turned around again, the colour of the drink inside the glass has changed from cola to orange juice! Very colourful, effect for audiences of all ages!...

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