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CW Coin Classic, coin classic. Visible coins through glass. Finest quality.

One of the loveliest effects in magic. Four half dollars are placed in a glass and covered with a silk handkerchief.

The glass is balanced atop a deck of cards, and then the cards and glass are themselves balanced on top of another glass. On command, the coins visibly penetrate the upper glass and cards, one by one, and are seen to drop into the bottom glass.

An exquisite custom-crafted mechanism does all the work. No sleights; complete with all necessary props; you supply the coins. This effect is sheer poetry and will delight you and even better, it will delight your audience. This is real Magic.

Replacement glasses: We offer a set of two glasses, one gimmicked, one ungimmicked which can be used to vanish the coins used in our CW Coin Classic. The gimmicked glass can be used by itself for any coin routine that requires you to vanish one or more coins. Blue Bicycle Box.



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COIN CLASSIC by Collectors Workshop

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