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Close up File by Jerry Mentor

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Used book 1st Edition 1994 excellent condition - for more details email

A big book with 195 pages, hard bound with a two-color dust jacket. The book contains many novel close-up effects. None use playing cards except as incidental props. Most are previously unpublished and are worked with simple props which the reader can make up, or is likely to have on hand already.

Contributors include: Warren Stephens, Stephen Tucker, Peter Kane, Aldo Colombini, Horace Bennett, Scott Edwards, Mike Bornstein, Jerry Mentzer, Richard Bartram, Jr., David Neighbors, Rick Johnsson, Dan Tong, Ian Baxter, David Harkey, John Murray, John Riggs, Karl Norman and Ray Mertz.

Six big chapters. 35 different effects. Profusely illustrated throughout with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr.

Contents Include:

Chapter 1 Novel Close-Up Magic
5 Too Sweet a Trick (Warren Stephens): a transposition of artificial sweetener with a pack of sugar, using the C/S coin idea
7 The Bizarre Square (Stephen Tucker): a magic square stunt you can do with your business card
10 Board-Ring (Peter Kane): A finger ring passes through the small hole in a board; a unique application of a Himber ring
12 Glitter-Ring (Jerry Mentzer): an idea for vanishing finger ring for a Ring Flight or similar effect. Uses a Buddha Money Papers made from flash paper but folded like a coin fold, and a collection of glitter to represent the "burnt" ring
16 Kayak (Aldo Colombini): A clever Chinese coin trick utilizing two playing cards, two half-sized Chinese coins, a half dollar, and a Jumbo Chinese coin, and some rope. 
22 Switch Calculator (Jerry Mentzer): construction of a Himber style wallet utilizing small calculators and cases to be used for mentalism
24  3 or 4 Force Using a Special Die (Jerry Mentzer): Making a custom die to force a three or four, such as for a Hot Rod trick
27 Ellis Ring - A New Beginning (Horace Bennett): a 1.5" ring threads magically onto a shoelace. This is the introduction to the following effect. Intro needs only the Ellis ring, not the gimmick.
30 My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine (Horace Bennett): A ring on string routine using a Jardine Ellis ring or two solid rings, a shoelace, and makes use of a finger ring.

Chapter 2 Paper Money
41 Paul's Bill Switch (Paul Diamond): a non-TT bill switch, in this case presented as a $1 to $1 Million Dollar Bill change
45 Cash Transaction (Warren Stephens): A coin folded in one bill transports to another folded bill (gimmicked bills)
49 Torn and Restored - A Versatile Idea (Jerry Mentzer): an idea for controlling and disposing of the torn pieces in any torn and restored effect.
55 Dollar Bill and Sugar Packet (Jerry Mentzer): Sugar packet is emptied into the hand, but the sugar vanishes. The sugar then appears in the hand. A bill is vanished, and appears in the empty sugar packet. 
58 The Three Dollar Trick (Scott Edwards): a coin transposition using coins and bills
62 Simplex Money Maker (Mike Bornstein): a blank piece of paper between playing cards is caused to take on the appearance of a dollar bill, then changed back
67 Double Matchit (Mike Bornstein): A card is lost in the deck. A dollar is shown, and "bet" that the magician will match it. The dollar then changes into a match book, and inside the match book is found a miniature replica of the selected card.

Chapter 3 Coin Magic
75 Camousembly (Richard Bartram, Jr.): a coin matrix effect performed with cards, and each card is shown front and back before and after each vanish.
84 Double Surprise (Warren Stephens): penny changes to larger penny then Jumbo penny. Quick!
87 Coins to Purse (Woody Landers): Three half dollars pass from the hands to a coin purse. Uses lapping in the final move, but this can be substituted if performed standing.
92 International Exchange (Richard Bartram, Jr.): A half repeatedly dropped into a champagne glass changes into foreign coins, then into a handful of pennies. Uses a CSB coin set.
97 French Change (Richard Bartram, Jr.): quick visual coin change; simple to do
100 Q.C. Wild Coin (David Neighbors): Three brass coins change one at a time to silver half dollars, then all change back 
108 An Okito Box Move (Rick Johnsson): a natural method to perform the secret turnover of an Okito box

Chapter 4 Cups and Balls Routines
113 Cups and Balls With Baby Chicks (Jerry Mentzer): The cups and balls using baby chicks throughout, not just at the climax. Use with caution for the sake of the chicks! Assembled from notes from televised performances by Albenice and Galli Galli.
119 One Cup and Balls (Dan Tong): a single cup (non-chop cup) cups and balls routine
126 Chop Cup and Balls (Jerry Mentzer): a single ball multiplies to two then three balls, then vanish, then change to a single large ball under a cup
131 Ultimate Cup Routine (Jerry Mentzer): an interesting two cup and ball routine using two cups (non-chop cup), chop cup style balls (gimmicked), and a "portable" chop cup gimmick, so to speak. Could be used with an Omega Ring or similar magician's M-ring.

Chapter 5 Three for Table Hoppers
139 DT Ring Flight (Dan Tong): A borrowed finger ring appears in the center of a magic wand. It then vanishes from a paper cone made from a dollar bill to be found in the performer's key case. Uses a commercial Ring Flight prop.
147 Nick of Time (David Harkey): a coin is pushed into a borrowed wristwatch where it is seen and heard, then pops out.
153 Stitched (Ian Bater): spectator chooses one of four colored buttons. Magician holds button and some thread to his lapel, and the button magically is sewn onto the cloth.

Chapter 6 More Coin Magic
159 Big Coin-Revisited (Horace Bennett): half dollars are vanished and reappear, with a jumbo coin climax. Almost impromptu.
165 Real Coin In the Bottle (John Murray): a marked coin appears inside a full bottle of liquid. The marked coin is seen inside, and the bottle is broken open to retrieve the coin. A "coin-in-bottle" gimmick is NOT used. 
168 Easy Multiple Spellbound-Plus! (Ray Mertz): Easy and simplified Spellbound coin effect. At the end, the four coins change into Chinese coins.
170 Coinfusion (John Riggs): A silver dollar is shown in each hand. One vanishes, and the other changes to a smaller coin. The vanished dollar is reproduced from the elbow, and a Coins Across routine follows. Uses only a Silver Dollar and an English Penny.
174 Coin Vanish - Handwash Sequence (Jerry Mentzer): a coin is placed in the left hand and vanishes, hands shown convincingly empty.
Chapter 7 Three Shell Game and Variations
183 The Three Shell Game - Karl Norman Routine (Karl Norman): Karl Norman's routine using brass shells (can use regular walnut shells as well). 
191 Easy Shell Game (Jerry Mentzer): A shell game variation using small cubes and metal balls. Uses the "Drop Out" concept. 

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