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Used book in excellent condition - First Edition, Third Printing 1976 - Dust jacket worn

Illustrated by Edward E. Mishell, Edited by Louis Tannen. Excellent book with many fine (and now famous) routines. Chapter 5 is entirely devoted to the Curry Turnover Change. Lorayne explains the technique in great detail and you will find some very good applications for the move.


vii Introduction: Dai Vernon
viii Foreword: Harry Lorayne|
xi Contents

14 Chapter I: Necessary Sleights
15 Hindu Shuffle
16 Faro Shuffle 
18 Jog Shuffle 
19 Double-Lift Palm

22 Chapter II: Effective Card Mysteries
24 Location Supreme: 2 locations with a set-up deck
27 Two Card Reverse: while seated at a table
31 Salt-Less: deck is flipped over in the air and cuts at the selection
32 Aces Wild: good opener for other four Ace effects
35 Revelation: a clever revelation in which the Spectator thinks you’ll miss
39 Stab-Two: a knife stabbed in the deck finds two selections
42 The Sloppy Card Trick: using a special sort of “daub”
44 Coincidentally Yours: a set-up with 11 cards
48 Take Me To Your Leader (Walter Cummings): Lorayne’s version of Walter’s 4 Ace effect
51 Lorayne’s Ambitious Card Routine: includes Harry’s double lift
61 Little Fella’—Big Fella’: a self-worker
64 Stop!: a no sleight mind reading effect
67 Impossibility: Spectator removes and replaces deck without magician touching the deck, magician removes one card that matches the suit, then another which matches the value of the selection, then the two cards are used to find the actual selection
70 Quinella!: Selection turns face up at top of deck when the deck is dropped
72 No Looking (Alex Elmsley): A mathematical trick you’ll like
78 In The Side Pocket: a trick for magicians
80 Out Of This Universe: Harry’s version of Curry’s Out of this World
86 This Is Mind-Reading?: Mind reading cards
88 The Apex Ace (Frank Garcia): uses some double and triple lifts
91 Ose’s Addition (Jay Ose): eliminate the lifts in the above effect
93 Ose’s Cut (Jay Ose): a simple table cut

95 Chapter III: Novel Card Mysteries
96 Automatic Mind-Reading: You Do as I Do card effect presented as mind reading
98 Revolving Aces (Herb Zarrow): another 4 ace effect
100 Force Prediction: a card is found based on the spectator’s personality
104 Tell My Fortune: starts with the “center tear” (not explained)
106 Three For The Money: A 3-spot locates the selection
108 Three Again: another version
109 Three Times And Out: one final version
112 Fourtitude: utilizes a Faro shuffle, but does not need to be perfect
114 Sam-Ultaneous: a two spectator effect
116 Two-Gether (Howard Schwarzman): Howard’s version
119 Flash Aces: another four Ace effect
121 Spread Control: a three card control with the spread deck, with variations
125 Personally Yours (Francis Carlyle): incorporates the use of business cards with three spectators
128 Through The Table (J. Benzais): ending for a take-a-card trick
130 Calculated Risk (Dai Vernon): selection is found by a reversed card
134 Mathematical Affinity: two cards selected by a thought of number and are lost in the deck. The cards now at the thought of number find the selections
142 Magnetic Reversals (Ken Krenzel): for advanced card men!

147 Chapter IV: Unique Card Tricks
148 The Inseparable Four: a four card control
151 Sensitive Touch: A palming card to pocket with focus on timing
153 Lorayne’s Poker Deal: originally appeared in Hugard’s Magic Monthly
158 The Moving Pencil: magician waves a pencil over the cards until spectator says stop, when lowered, the card under the pencil is the selection
162 Vernon’s Aces: requires a decent Faro shuffle
165 Fan Prediction #1 (Alex Elmsley): requires a decent pressure Fan. Can be used with a change or as a force.
168 Fan Prediction #2: Use as a force
172 Sympathetic Decks: for use with two decks of opposite color; uses the Lorayne Force from Fan Prediction 2
175 Mated!: a quickie using the Lorayne Force
179 Reverse Location: two selections are found using a card reversed and placed by a spectator
183 Blackout!: a seemingly impromptu ESP card effect (requires ability to turn out the lights)
188 The Spectator Estimates: a slow cut that retains the bottom card – used as a throwaway comedy bit
190 Card Sandwich (J. Benzais): selection becomes sandwiched between mates
195 Lost And Found Aces (Al Leech): a smooth Four Ace routine
199 Lazy Man’s Card Trick (Al Koran): magician never handles the deck yet knows how far down the selection is
201 Challenge Aces: quickie four Ace effect
203 Push-Through Change: a four card change utility move
207 Push-Through Poker: utilizing the above move

213 Chapter V: The Turnover Change
215 The Turnover Change (Paul Curry): described
221 The Little Card That Wasn’t There: looks like “real magic” to the layman
224 Plunge-Thru’: the remaining protruding card is the selection
225 Mentalamazement: finding a thought of card
228 Chango-Cards: changing two cards on the table
229 Prediction Extraordinaire (Oscar Weigle): a prediction effect using the change
231 1-2-3-4 (Bill Simon and Paul Curry): Four Ace routine
236 4-3-2-1: a Four Ace variation
240 Random Thoughts: more ideas for the Turnover Change including: Absolutely Free Force, Quickie Prediction, and Cross-Over Change
242 Variation Change And Stud Poker: Francis Carlyle’s handling of the Turnover Change
245 Four-In-Hand: one to work on!
249 Automatic Mind-Reading #2: a quickie
250 On Spectator’s Hand: changing a card on the spectator’s hand
252 Torn Corner Transposition: using a duplicate
253 Red Ace—Black Ace (Herb Zarrow): in the spectator’s hands
255 Fantasia: another effect requiring lots of practice
261 Just (Business) Cards: Two quickies using business cards and the Curry Change
261 Spirit Writes: business card is shown blank on one side, and is placed under an ashtray printing side up. A card is selected, and the business card is now shown printed with the prediction!
262 Flash Printing: as above, but a blank business card magically prints
263 Multiple Change: for more than one card
264 Ambitious Aces: Aces follow the leader Ace
265 The Traveling Jewels: a story effect
269 Lorayne’s Challenge: The JB Kard Kop used in a spectator “stop” effect with a challenge to the magician to see what you can come up with

271 Last Word: a plea to try these effects, not just read about them

  • Publisher: Robbins
  • Pages: 272
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Edited by: Lois Tannen
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1976
  • Binding: hardbound



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