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Children Laugh Louder - David Ginn

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Used book in great condition- for more details email


5 Read Me First

13 Chapter 1: Comedy Warm-Ups
14 Magical Observation Test: Color Changing Shoelace
17 Silk Illusion: silk production opener
24 Pop-Away Wand Opener (Connie Ray): comedy opener

29 Chapter 2: Comedy Bits with Audience Volunteers
30 Comedy Greetings: 7 ideas
32 Shaking Hands for Laughs: a dozen comedic approaches
34 Comedy Remarks About Volunteers: more warm-ups
37 Standing Gags: for your children volunteers
40 Forgetting Children's Names: and what to do

43 Chapter 3: Laughs Without Apparatus
44 The Trap Door: gag
45 Animal Intro: ice-breaker as intro to animal trick
46 Inside/Outside: with a change bag
48 A Dog By That Name: verbal name gag
48 The Bowing Contest (Connie Ray): who gets more applause
49 Purple Puppy Chow: suggestion for using magic words
51 Magic Words: more suggestions

55 Chapter 4: Laughs with Simple Apparatus
56 Jolly Polly George: a Supreme Magic Jumbo Card item
66 Karate Chop Comb: using a giant comb
69 Big Toothbrush: a quick gag
69 The Shooting Card Trick: David's version of Karrell Fox's Bullseye Card Trick
77 A Magic Flower: a wilting flower routine

87 Chapter 5: Bringing Out the Real You
88 Monster Hat (Ali Bongo): Presentation for Ali Bongo's Giant Hat
95 Reflection: on the Monster Hat

97 Chapter 6: Freaky's Terror (Richard A. Cowley)
98 Effect in Brief: milk carton ends up upside down on boy's head, but instead of milk pouring out there is a suprise
98 Props: Magic Milk Pitcher, clean milk carton, wand, large final load, cardboard sign, receptacle for hiding the load
101 Set-Up
101 Performance
105 Epilogue

107 Chapter 7: Charlie's Invisible Message
109 Effect in a Nutshell:: full routine with a kid quiz show, and a prediction
110 Properties: uses a Pop-Away Wand, Crystal Casket with silk, and cardboard signs
112 Preparation
112 Performance
113 - The Quiz
115 - The Elimination
117 - The Prediction
119 - The Wand
126 - The Child Magician
128 - The Stalling
129 - The Magic
130 Adaptations

135 Read Me Last

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