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A beautiful wooden chest containing four “Casino Royale” chips ($50-$100-$500-$1000) are displayed. While the performer’s back is turned, a spectator is invited to remove any number of the casino chips, place them behind their back and lock the chest. Let’s say, for example, that they remove $650.00 in total. The performer now turns around, holds the chest in full view and immediately announces the exact amount of casino chips that the spectator’s has in their hand!

• The effect is completely self-contained – No external gimmicks of any kind are used!
• The effect is all done in full view – The chest never leaves the view of the spectator, not even for an instant!
• The effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome!
The mechanical method for this effect is absolutely ingenious and it has been inspired by one of the most sought after Clarence Miller’s effects called Treasure Chest Divination.

Casino Royale measures approximately 4″ wide x 2.5″ high x 2.7″ deep, (10cms wide, 6.8cms high and 7cms deep) and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. The chest also comes complete with the high quality poker chips and is finally adorned with a beautiful brass engraved plaque.



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Casino Royale by Magic Wagon

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