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The performer shows an elegant wooden drawer box along with a pack of 8 slightly aged element cards. Two cards are then chosen by the spectator with absolutely no force of any kind. The spectator is then asked to shuffle the chosen cards along with the six other ones. These eight cards are then randomly placed face down around the box. Now, a small stand and a wooden arrow are removed from the drawer and placed on top of the box. The arrow is then given a spin and after a few second, the arrow stops pointing to one card. It is of course one of the cards that was selected by the spectator! 

The performer then turns all the remaining cards face up and offers to repeat the effect. As the performer spins the arrow, the spectator is asked to name their second card and when the arrow comes to a stop, it is NOT pointing at the correct card! Suddenly, the arrow begins to mysteriously move in the opposite direction! And when it finally stops, it’s found to be pointing directly at the spectator’s other selected card! 

  • The effect can be repeated with the arrow pointing to different locations! 
  • The effect is entirely self-contained and requires nothing other than the items seen and used! 
  • The performer is absolutely nowhere near the performing area during the eerie movement of the arrow! 

This beautiful wooden drawer box measures approximately 10.5cms wide x 8.5cms high x 10.5cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. 

Arrow of Truth has been inspired by Tony Lackner’s Hand of Cleopatra and John Good’s Clock of San Marcos. Please note that due to the intricate mechanical nature of this prop a small amount of noise is generated, but presentation and handling ideas are included to help mitigate this. 

This is unquestionably one of the most elegant and memorable close-up effects, with a great kicker, we have ever produced! The instructions have been written by Mr. John M. Talbot and outline several extra routines which can be performed with “Arrow of Truth.” The mysteries that can be created with this effect are limited only by one’s imagination!



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Arrow of Truth by Magic Wagon

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