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Al Korans Legacy Hugh Miller

Al Korans Legacy	Hugh Miller
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Used book, hardback copy 1972

Contents (from book):

vii Foreword (Francis White)

7 Introduction
11 Preface (Hugh Miller)

17 Part 1 Club and Cabaret Routines
19 Five Star Prediction: card in envelope matches spectator’s selection
27 Twenty Card Memory: magician instantly pulls each of 20 selections as called by the spectators
35 The Gold Medallion: three numbers selected by three spectators appear on a medallion in a box
45 Mind Shot: magician takes polaroid photo of spectator, and card selection is seen in the photo on the spectator’s forehead
51 Headline Countdown: a newspaper headline prediction
63 The Astral World: a book test
71 Million Dollar Prediction: long term publicity prediction
79 Insight Spectacular: a Lottery (or other) number prediction
89 Cassette Recorder Miracle: one of five cards predicted by a cassette tape recording, could probably be adapted to MP3 player or other modern system

97 Part 2 Close-Up Magic After Hours
99 Where Did She Go?: a find the lady card trick
105 Pronto Card to Wallet: a clever double card to wallet
113 Bare-Hand Coin Vanish: needs a table
119 Stack Vanish: clever addition for the cap & pence1
125 The Pill: a sponge ball trick around birth control
133 The Wife’s Favorite: a four card revelation
139 Automatic Poker: poker demo with Royal Flushes
145 Coloured Matches: pairs of red & white matches vanish and are replaced by yellow and green
153 I’ll Find It: clever mind reading card trick
159 Eye of the Beholder: magician matches the number of cards chosen by spectator

165 Part 3 Gadget, Gimmicks and Presentation
167 Force Pack: an alternative to rough & smooth
167 Swami Holder: a quick and sure way to retrieve your gimmick
168 Scored Deck: quick side marking
168 Daubed Spectator: identifying a spectator when blindfolded
169 Grab Force: spectator grabs a card from a special frame, and it is forced
170 Index Card: idea for a special playing card, and a note on Koran’s card index
171 Presentation of Al Koran’s Magic
173 – Handling of Props
176 – Handling of Spectators
179 – Dress
179 – The Finale

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