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Electronic Die Perception

Electronic Die Perception
Electronic Die Perception Electronic Die Perception Electronic Die Perception Electronic Die Perception
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Finally it's back. A clean electronic miracle to leave your audiences flabbergasted.

The most versatile and adaptable version of the “Die Vision” effect available. Yes, you can instantly detect any number selected on the die just like the other versions but you can adapt the cube to work with colours, photos, playing cards, ESP symbols, pictures of famous actors, a company's products for trade shows or anything you desire!

The cube measures about 4 inches wide, and is freely handled by the spectator. There is no need put the cube into a tricky box at all. The cube can remain in full view at all times or be covered with an handkerchief etc. Comes complete with six small ornate brass and ceramic curios and a set of matching photos to enable you to present a routine where a spectator is allowed to select one of the objects and concentrate upon the objects photo pictured on one of the cube's sides. The cube will give you an electronic signal that enables you to know which object the spectator is thinking of.


You can either read the signal from your "black box" positioned at a safe place for you to see OUR VERY SPECIAL XXX SYSTEM. Or you can conceal the “black box” upon your person and receive the secret signal via “pulses”. Let your imagination run wild and you will come up with many uses for this very versatile prop. with. This quality prop is used by several top pros.

This handmade electronic beauty is delivered in a custom made aluminium carrying case, for protection and safety.

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